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Complete Whip Making 3 Disc set

 With some visual help and instruction most people can excel at whipmaking.

 This is a simple, straight forward approach to nylon whipmaking.  The DvD set that takes you from the beginner stages of  whipmaking to more advanced whipmaking techniques.



  Ps:  Most of your friends and family will want a bullwhip as well.  So after making a few you can start selling them and make some side cash.    Just a little tip!!!  

Thank for the awesome whip Leif. The whip is working wonderfully for me, I have learned a few tricks and have become quite accurate with this skilfully crafted work art. I don't believe I have owned a nicer whip. With proper care this bullwhip will last me a very long time. Every time I have a chance to get it out, it is a pure joy to use. I use is quite frequently working my livestock and recreational use. I plan to do business with you in the future. Thank you so much for the hard work you put into my whip.



Pensacola Florida

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