Whip Cracking 2 Disc set

Anthony De Longis, the Whip Cracking Master!   This 2-DVD set will give you the same instruction as he has imparted to Michelle Pfeiffer, Harrison Ford, Ellen Barkin and others in the Entertainment Hollywood Industry. 

The "De Longis" rolling style utilizes structure and alignment to produce explosive energy in the bullwhip with a minimum of effort. His methods combine knowledge and martial arts training to safely generate and focus the 700 mph velocity of the world's fastest and most powerful flexible entertainment creation.


Contents of DVDs include:


  • The eight Angles

  • Energizing the whip and flow

  • Direct, compound & windmill throws

  • Repeating the line

  • Body wrap variations

  • Carries and Putaways

  • Targeting Structure

  • Static Target Practice & Partner Targeting

  • Partner Envelopment's

  • Ground Preparation with a Horse

  • Horse preparation from the saddle

  • Mounted Whip Patterns

  • Targets From horseback

  • Special Features, including The bullwhip Tango and Fire Whips

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