6ft  $360

7ft  $400

8ft  $450

 In 2013 I spent quite a while working with Anthony De Longis on designing a whip that has superior accuracy, action ,and feel.  Throughout the process, I had to figure out the fine details to make a whip accurate all the way to the very tip.  Most nylon whips, even with a leather fall, will roll out pretty straight until the fall transition area. Then they will flip out to one side or the other. Not a large amount, but enough to make it less then precisely accurate.  

 After alot of thinking and experiments, I produced this whip. 

There is a saying in whipmaking that goes like this: If you have a lump or mistake in the core of your whip it will be magnified on the overlay.  While I'm going to add another aspect to it: If you want a perfectly accurate whip, the core must be perfectly accurate. When it came to designing this whip I had to start with the core. It is made of smaller than normal shotload, and it goes almost down to the tip of the whip. Handle length also plays a big part in the maneuverability of a whip.  Because of this, the handle is a different length for each length of whip.  A whip needs to be dense, fluid, and flowing yet have good body. So this whip has 2 bound bellies and an 16 plait overlay which gives it all three.  And then one of the most important parts of a whip is its fall. If it isn't the right weight or length, it won't continue the smooth rolling motion of the whip in windy weather. After working with several different kinds,sizes and variations of falls, I decided to go with a 36" leather fall. 

The Whips Specifications:





  • Handle length   13"

  • Smaller shotload with it running out to the tip of the whip

  • 2 bellies which creates a fluid and highly accurate whip

  • 16 plait overlay so you still have that perfect handle feel

  • 3ft leather fall to add that touch of fancy class and great accuracy

  • Copper collar, copper concho, and fancy plaiting  that makes it a "one of a kind" whip  

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